New Year’s Eve

We cordially invite you to the New Year’s Eve Ball
In our Hotel, in a truly family atmosphere, you will experience unforgettable moments that are a lifelong memory, but also a reason why it will be worth coming back to us.
Hot dishes served to the table
Starter: poultry pate with cranberry

Main course:
Roast pork baked from the oven, poured with hunter’s sauce served with mashed potatoes and a bouquet of salads

Dishes served in the form of a Swedish table:
Cold buffet:

• Roasted pork neck
• pork loin stuffed with apricot
• pork loin stuffed with plum
• chicken roulade with spinach and almonds
• terrine from chicken breast with walnuts and mushrooms
• ham roll with herb cheese in an auxper
• eggs stuffed with mushroom paste
• Hawaiian salad with smoked chicken
• Greek salad
• shells stuffed with tuna mousse with a hint of dill
• mixed bread
• butter
Hot buffet:
• Sour rye soup with white sausage
• Forest mushroom cream with roasted almonds
• Hunting fighter

Before midnight:
Hunting rifle & nbsp; with additions
Sweet buffet:

• Coffee and tea with additions b. O.
• sweet pastries baked in a homemade way

Stół gospodarza / tabela wiejski /
Drinks and alcohol:
• 0.5 liters of vodka per pair – there is a possibility of exchanging 0.7 wine pair – please inform us when booking places
• 1 liter of juice per pair
• 1 Champagne for 4 people
The price is only 245 PLN / person
New Year’s Eve the DJ will enjoy you
We invite you to take advantage of this amazing night from a comfortable bed and breakfast:
Triple room: 230 PLN / day
Double room: PLN 200 / day
Single room: PLN 140 / day

For detailed information, I invite you to visit our hotel and talk to our representative.
Detailed information:
* TEL. 71 / 345-86-00
* COM. 607-722-222
Additional information can be found on our Facebook page (start and end time, reservations, pick up of tickets, discounts, alcohol price list)
We cordially invite you to party until dawn !!!