In our hotel, we organize wedding receptions. Our staff will thoroughly familiarize you with the rules of the reception organization will present the room and provide additional information. The chef will help you make decisions regarding the choice of dishes prepared different variants of the wedding menu at various prices depending on your expectations.

  • payment for children under the age of ten is 50% of the menu value; orchestra and & nbsp; photographer 50% of the menu price.)
  • The price of the menu includes the cost of renting the room and service until 4:00 in the morning.
  • The chef can specially compose a menu depending on your taste.
  • Alcoholic beverages (without beer) juices, fruit and cakes can you & nbsp; & nbsp; purchase on your own or order a purchase.
  • The hotel provides a room for proper storage of the above products.
  • The hotel provides a base for self-decoration of the wedding hall (details in the Hotel).
  • Coffee and tea is included in the menu price.
  • The remaining food and drinks are available and picked up by you, or will be used to fix the device.
  • You can organize an amendment from PLN 40 per person.
  • We’ll organize your fixes by 9:00 pm
  • Honeymoon Suite – free if the cost of the wedding party exceeds PLN 4,000
  • Rooms for guests of the wedding celebration are at a discounted price

    Booking the date of the wedding requires from the moment of signing the preliminary contract and paying a deposit in the amount of one thousand zlotys.
    No later than two weeks before the wedding, you provide the exact number of guests, the selected menu, the number of people wanting to use the accommodation, the date of the ceremony and pay the remaining amount.

    As additional culinary attractions, we recommend that you can celebrate the party:

    • baked groats stuffed with buckwheat groats,
    • leg roasted on a “hunter’s way”,
    • rural table

      ASK for available dates in 2020
      The price list of the menu and decorations in 2019 may be subject to change
      BEST WISHES FOR A NEW WAY OF LIFE FOR YOUNG PARENTS are made by the management and employees of the hotel “JESTER”